Trailer Trackers and Asset Trackers for Any Type of Equipment

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your assets is knowing exactly where they are, where they were, and when they were there. With a top gps tracking system, you’ll never fear losing your equipment or cargo to theft. Improve trailer utilization and track your assets in real time.

We’ve hand-selected the best options for maintaining accurate locations of all your vehicles and equipment. Other asset tracking options are available as well, so contact us for a free consultation today and we’ll fit you with the perfect one.

3d illustration of a map with a location marker over a trailer
Phillips Connect - SolarNet

Phillips Connect devices are easy to use, take 15 minutes to install, and never require maintenance. Their asset trackers are built to maintain a functioning status, even through rough conditions, with an IP67 safety rating.

These GPS trackers utilize solar and battery power to give you double the battery capacity of rival products, with 8-10 years of battery life. Count on dependable and long-lasting assistance, complemented by an integrated solar-powered 4G-LTE cellular tracking system.

SolarNet asset trackers give you practical and versatile access to monitoring your fleet’s well-being and productivity, whenever you need. Install on containers, railcards, trailers, or heavy machinery.

Phillips Connect - StealthNet

StealthNet trailer trackers for semi-trucks and trailers are robust, waterproof devices that can endure all challenges of life on the road. Installation is a breeze, taking just 10 minutes and including multiple mounting options.

Whether the devices is powered or not, uninterrupted operation is ensured, with a six-month battery backup for added reliability.

Users can access real-time tracking data and generate custom reports pertaining unit health, status, and precise location through a wireless modem. The entire system is seamlessly integrated into a single user-friendly platform that can be accessed through a web portal. This portal offers complete transparency and asset management, ensuring total control and insight into your assets from any device, at any time.

Digital Matters - Oyster3

The Oyster3 is a cutting-edge trailer tracking device that thrives in extreme temperatures. The housing is an ultra-rugged, weatherproof IP68, IK07 enclosure that can handle whatever mother nature throws its way, ensuring your assets are protected in any environment.

With Cellular LTE-M-NB-IoT connectivity, you’ll stay connected and informed no matter where your assets are.

The Oyster3 conserves power intelligently by adjusting for “Battery Low” and “Battery Critical” status, and by entering sleep mode when stationary. These devices boasts an astounding 10+ years of battery life, powered by 3x AA user-replaceable batteries.

Fleet Hoster

Fleet Holster provides a wide range of fully-integrated asset trackers, including solar-powered, wired, battery-operated, and satellite-enabled models. Their designs are rugged and sleek, with weather-resistant qualities.

Installation is a breeze, whether you prefer a slap-and-track approach, magnets, wiring, or zip-ties. These trailer trackers for semi truck trailers and other equipment are expandable, letting you effortlessly incorporate BLE 50 sensors.

With a seamless Geotab integration, you can access reporting and highly configurable assets, all within the familiar MyGeotab environment.

GeoForce - GT1

The GT1 satellite tracker can operate in challenging locations with 100% satellite-based communication. This ensures visibility even in remote and inaccessible areas. It simplifies global tracking with certification in numerous countries, and worldwide transmission without roaming agreements.

With its rapid deployment, this asset tracker is the go-to choice for quick and hassle-free setup. We call this the world’s most rugged device, with unmatched durability against extreme temperatures, forces, and chemicals. It also boasts the highest IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 safety rating.

The GT1 asset tracking device works seamlessly with offshore containers, frac tanks, wellhead equipment, trailers, chemical totes, sand traps, ISO containers, and a wide variety of other assets.

Location marker over truck