What is the best way to submit your IFTA report, while making sure it is correct?

When you operate your motor carrier company across two or more states, you must register for IFTA. Once you have registered for IFTA with your base state or province you will receive IFTA decals to place on the side of your truck(s). You will be required to file your IFTA report every quarter from the first date of your IFTA registration.

When submitting your IFTA report quarterly, you must keep track of the miles-per-state or kilometers-per-province for each IFTA registered vehicle. You will also need to track the fuel used to propel your vehicle(s).

Once you have collected and organized these two sets of data for your fleet, you will use this information to generate your quarterly IFTA reports and other taxes required by certain states.

Is all your compliance and fuel tax information organized and ready to be filed?

The problem many motor carriers or trucking companies encounter every quarter is how to properly collect their miles-per-state and fuel purchase information.

Tracking the correct mileage of each vehicle in every state or province can be a difficult task without electronic tracking devices. However, even if electronic devices are recording your mileage, sometimes these devices can malfunction. Relying solely on tracking devices without testing their accuracy can leave you with no mileage, or missing mileage data.

There are tools that can help fill in the gaps for missing mileages when your electronic tracking devices go down, or your paper records are not reliable.

For fuel purchases, if you have a fuel card that records all of your fuel purchases, and can generate reports for any time interval, then you have less to worry about compared with those who only use paper receipts of their fuel purchases.

No matter how organized you are with your mileages or fuel, you must make sure you are tracking the correct miles-per-state and fuel for each individual vehicle. This way when it comes to generating your quarterly IFTA reports you will have no headaches.

When you have the right processes to collect the correct mileage and fuel information for your fleet, and the right tool to generate your fuel tax reports, you will save time and money.

No more paying somebody to do your IFTA reporting and filing.

No more chasing drivers for fuel receipts or mileage records.

No more wasting time and money.

Having a dedicated system to keep all your compliance information, whether it is for IFTA, IRP, Weight Distance Tax reports, Canadian Carbon Tax report, will make your submission an easy task to complete.

Once you have ensured your fuel tax information has been collected properly, and is correct, the best way to submit is through your state/province website. You can log in at any time and be done with your quarterly compliance in seconds.

With eTrucks, you can organize your fuel tax information and make sure your fuel tax compliance reports are 100% correct, before you submit through your state/province web portal. All the heavy lifting happens before you submit, so let eTrucks do that for you.

Letting eTrucks do the heavy lifting for fuel tax compliance, before submitting, means you can:

  • Generate your reports as many times as you want
  • Run a Self-Audit to make sure your mileage and fuel information is correct
  • Fill in any gaps of mileage, or any missing miles-per-state information
  • Customize the IFTA report columns to match to your state or province IFTA form
  • Manage your own fuel tax information in minutes, and get the answers you need at any time, without having to wait on compliance offices or accountants
  • Generate weight distance compliance reports at the same time you generate your fuel tax report, and know what your balances are in seconds.
  • Understand the difference between Non-IFTA miles, Non-taxable miles, and Taxable miles
  • Mail in your fuel tax report (if you decide to) with printed copies
  • Ensure your fuel tax compliance expenses match your operations budgets and cash-flow

We want to make IFTA reports and other fuel tax reports easy for you. Why not take advantage of our 31-day free trial?