What Are People Saying About eTrucks?

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"eTrucks is easy to use and I save so much time"

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Alice Gibson

Gibson Trucking

Baconton, GA

"It is easy to use. You import your fuel and mileage, and it does the rest."

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Nancy Hopper

J Hammond Transport

Kitchener, ON

"It will literally save you hours over the conventional way."

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Zach Martin

Hoss Heavy LLC.

Nine Mile Falls, WA

“After checking a few different programs for fuel tax reporting, eTrucks was my final decision.
This is a user-friendly program that anyone can understand and pick up very quickly. We are saving thousands of dollars a year by using this program for our own IFTA fuel tax.
Our company has enjoyed how easy this program is to work. We would recommend this to other companies looking to bring IFTA filing into their main office.”

Laura Renard
T&M Aviation, Inc.
Abbeville, LA

“I am not a smart geek with computers, but show me this once and it’s like, boom. A kid could do it.
I was looking for something like this, and I found it.”

Adam Nicgorski
Prowell Logistics
St. Catharines, ON

“eTrucks is easy to use and I save so much time, which is important when there are 5 drivers and only 1 of you. Worthwhile to have if you’d like your paperwork to be a breeze.”

Alice Gibson
Gibson Trucking
Baconton, GA

“I started to use eTrucks on July 1 2018.
It is easy to use. You import your fuel and mileages, and it does the rest. Great program. Very user friendly.
I would recommend it to anyone in charge of IFTA compliance, and I give it a 10.”

Nancy Hopper
J Hammond Transport
Kitchener, ON

“It is so much easier to use, simple, and it takes less time. eTrucks really does it for you. It keeps everything you do, and if needed you can go back and print off any of the quarters.
We recommend that everybody should give it a try.
I would give it a 10.”

David and Angela Lane
Lane Trucking LLC.
King, NC

“I recommend eTrucks for anyone who wants to simplify the IFTA process. It breaks your liability down by each jurisdiction, so that guesswork is already done.
Bottom line, eTrucks is a no-brainer.”

Elbert Long
Rugged Cross Transportation
Mansfield, TX

“Extremely easy to understand. It saves me a lot of money – we used to have an outside source for fuel reporting, but now we can access all the information by logging into the program.
We don’t have to wait for the end of the quarter for fuel mileage answers.”

Mike Haese
Seven Oaks Specialized LLC.
Kaukauna, WI

“I only have to enter my mileage and fuel information, and the program automatically generates my IFTA report, just like that. This is our first year of running our own company and preparing IFTA reports.
With eTrucks, it was the easiest thing ever.”

Patricia Davila
Marlon’s Trucking LLC.
Monroe, LA

“We used the program for the last quarter and we are currently using it for this one. It is the easiest program to use for fuel tax reporting that we have ever used.
We no longer have to worry about keeping our information organized or stored. The program does it for us.”

Jonathan Gibson
Gibson Trucking LLC.
Baconton, GA

“I print off reports and send them to the drivers.
Not only does it show the drivers which states they need to start purchasing fuel, but it also allowed them to see the MPG their trucks are running.
This software is the most informative by far for IFTA submissions.”

Kimberly Cayen
RP Trucking
Simcoe, ON

“It’s very easy to use. I have no problem. It’s very self-explanatory. It’s less paperwork. More cost-efficient.
I can do fuel tax myself, when before I had someone else doing it for me. I had to gather all the information and send it out, but now I have access to all the information.
It doesn’t take me long at all.”

Aitza Acevedo
Continental Refrigerated Transport Inc.
Orlando, FL

“We have been using eTrucks for about 1.5 years. Everything is compiled in one report. Easy to use.
This is much better than doing it by hand, and yes, I would recommend it.”

Lyle Silzer
Hazer Enterprises Inc.
Moose Jaw, SK

“I started about a month ago after I had searched around for a easier way to keep track of my of miles and receipts for each jurisdiction, found eTrucks. Man does it work slick!
Takes about 30 seconds to enter each fuel purchase or border mileage. Beats the heck out of the old way, of trying to add everything up in a hurry, the night before deadline to file!
I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone. It will literally save you hours over the conventional way.”

Zach Martin
Hoss Heavy LLC.
Nine Mile Falls, WA

“I started using eTrucks in July. It has made things easier and saved time – it is quick and easy to use. Before, we had a permit company doing work for us, which always gave us issues because of messy paperwork from drivers.
I would be very likely to recommend eTrucks, as I have already. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would say it is a 10.”

Nick Friesen
Longhorn Express Leamington Inc.
Leamington, ON