Dash Cams for Trucks and Other Vehicle Fleets

When operating commercial vehicles, especially heavy-duty equipment or semi-trucks, protecting yourself from legal issues is critical.

When a passenger vehicle cuts you off or decides to stop suddenly in front of you, dash cams give video evidence that lets you easily prove who was at fault. Insurance claims will be processed faster and nobody will dare make a false claim against you.

If you manage a fleet, inward facing dash cams can ensure that drivers pay attention to the road at all times. Keep drivers safe and alert, while avoiding accidents that can compromise your company.

Dash cam surrounded by trucks, a tree, and a cloud
Illustration of a rotating gear between a dash cam and an ELD device

eTrucks offers a variety of commercial-grade dash cameras to suit any fleet vehicle type. We’ll outfit your vehicles exactly the way you need. With event-triggered videos, you can rest assured that everything important will be recorded.

The following dash cams are a few of our most popular models. They all integrate with our preferred ELD provider – Geotab. Other dash cams are available as well, so contact us for a free consultation today and we’ll fit you with the perfect one.


Surfsight is an affordable dash camera with advanced machine learning and AI technology. Geotab integration allows for competitive pricing for Geotab clients.

Livestreaming lets you identify risky driving behaviors, which is a must for reducing accidents and holding people accountable. You can access live videos and recordings instantly. There is no way to lose footage, since your dash cam constantly uploads to an SD card while overwriting old and unnecessary footage.

No need to worry about downtime either. Your devices will automatically update over-the-air to the latest firmware, with no downtime required. Additionally, you’ll have an extra backup battery for parking mode.


All of your video needs will be taken care of, thanks to multiple camera options including road-facing, in-cab, and exterior secondary views.

SureCam seamlessly integrates with MyGeotab, providing easy access to your video recordings. The software is easy to use – designed for managers who need real-time video without complications and unnecessary features.

They offer an affordable rental model with no upfront costs. Specialists are available to assist fleets of 5 vehicles or more.


With a wide range 150 degree view, fail-safe technology that notifies drivers of sensor malfunctions, and 5 years of warranty… Sensata dash cams are seriously safety-driven.

Sensata can notify drivers of blind spots with radar coverage, making it one of the best accident prevention methods on the market.


Keep your drivers and your company safe from false claims, while removing fleet risk and improving driver habits. Lytx helps eliminate customer complaints by confirming deliveries and identifying unknown damages.

With speedy video access, companies that use Lytx dash cams tend to save a lot when it comes to collisions and claims. Clip length customization gives you the right video length at the right time.

Together, Geotab and Lytx give you one of the best video/telematics solutions in a single platform. Save time and money with the ability to view triggered events, coach drivers to improve safety habits, and use the efficient reporting functions to visually represent your data. You’ll have a better understanding of your company and know exactly which areas need to improve.

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