Is your ELD compliant with IFTA and IRP?

Finding an ELD may be a huge relief for you. You are finally compliant with the December 18th, 2017 ELD mandate for electronic Hours of Service. But, did you know your mileage data may not be compliant with IFTA mileage?

Understanding how often your ELD records mileage data can save you time and money. It’s important to know the difference between what the December mandate asks for and what IFTA asks for.

According to the new mandate, an ELD is only required to record your location every 60 minutes. Plus, it must track every change of duty status and engine on/off, at a precision of one mile when on duty and 10 miles when off duty.

But with IFTA, your date and time intervals must come often enough to validate the total distance traveled in each jurisdiction. The location must be recorded every 10 minutes or less. At the IFTA / IRP Audit Conference in 2017, IFTA leaders stated that every 5 minutes would be the proper recording time.

IFTA also requires, from any electronic data recording system: routes traveled by unit, the distance between each reading, the location of each reading, and the total trip distance. Depending on your ELD, it may not handle some of these things, since they are not required under the ELD mandate.

If your ELD mileage is not compliant with IFTA standards, it means that you will need to record your start and end odometer at the beginning, at every state crossing, and at the end of your trip.

It can be paralyzing, knowing that if you are ever audited a small mistake could cost you thousands. Luckily, there is help.

eTrucks has an online IFTA mileage calculator designed to bring your ELD mileage data into compliance with IFTA & IRP.

With eTrucks, you can rest easy knowing that it makes sense of your ELD or AOBRD mileage data (eTrucks works with any ELD or AOBRD).

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