An ELD That Complies With Trucking ELD Mandates

  • Find better routes and decrease your fuel costs
  • Increase your company’s safety score
  • Trust in driver logs with NO DATA GAPS, even outside network service
  • Enjoy top of the line security, with resistance to hacking
  • Access 24/7 customer support from Geotab, on top of eTrucks support
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Turn the ELD trucking mandate into an edge for your business

Don’t waste time and money on technology that isn’t suitable for your company. If your ELD has poor customer support, reliability issues, or is unable to connect with software that you use in your business, it will ultimately eat up your profits.

Your staff is busy with important tasks, and they don’t need an ELD that slows them down and makes life miserable. The right ELD should be a benefit to the entire business – something you’ll wish you purchased many years ago.

We researched many ELDs over the last 7 years. Until recently, we had not found one that we were happy with or could easily integrate with. Our standards were very high. We were looking into developing our own elog device… until we found Geotab.

Geotab Go device
Geotab Authorized Resller

When deciding on an ELD for your trucking fleet, don’t you think that a long history of reliability and excellent customer service is important?

They have the lowest hardware failure rate in the entire ELD industry. Their data has zero gaps, which actually exceeds the compliance standards set in Canada and the USA. It also brings many other advantages to your business…

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Give better service to your customers with real-time tractor locations and geofencing for zones, available to you at the click of a button. You will know your true trip miles, and you can provide your customers with accurate departure and arrival times.

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Find better routes and save on fuel when you utilize all the data that Geotab gathers for you.. Keep track of speeding, engine diagnostics, idle time, and more – per truck. If there is anything you want to stay on top of, then set up an alert.

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Cut down on office paperwork, with vehicle inspection reports, electronic driver logs, and automated mileage data that you need for fuel tax reporting. Geotab is fully compliant and certified with the trucking ELD mandates from both Transport Canada and FMCSA.

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Improve driver safety and company safety scores with a huge number of risk management reports and notifications. These features will help your company minimize violations, prevent accidents, and save lives.

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Install the ELD hardware in 5 minutes. It’s completely plug and play, connecting directly to your vehicles’ OBD II ports (ADD) or diagnostic ports of your truck, with any pin configuration.

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Take control of your entire trucking operation with a user-friendly dashboard that helps you interpret all that data with confidence, and use it to improve your business.

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“Geotab has helped improve the accuracy of our information for invoicing; it gives us more credibility with our customers, and improves our overall efficiencies. It has become an integral part of our operation.”

Fleet Maintenance Coordinator,
J.F. Kitching & Son, Ltd.

“We’re constantly trying to figure out more ways to pull data out, to continue to improve what’s going on with drivers, to reduce our accidents and cost severity… We’ll do anything we can to make ourselves more efficient since, as you know, this industry is about pennies.”

Director of Safety and Risk Management,
D.M. Bowman Inc.

“If you have ANY NUMBER of vehicles on the road, then I would highly recommend Geotab.”

Fleet Manager,
Richelieu Hardware

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