Help – Account

Default Mileage Unit of Measure

  • You can choose miles or kilometers as your default setting from Change Account Info.
  • This information will fill in automatically on your Mileages records but can be changed

IFTA Jurisdiction You Are Submitting To

  • You can set the IFTA jurisdiction (to which you send your reports) from Change Account Info.
  • The mileage for IFTA States/Provinces on the Fuel Tax Report screen will be reported in miles if you choose a US jurisdiction and kilometers if you choose a Canadian jurisdiction

IFTA Number

  • You can set the IFTA Number from Change Account Info.
  • Your IFTA Number will be displayed on the Fuel Tax Report
Change Password
  • You can change the password that you were assigned when you received access to eTrucks IFTA
  • Passwords should be 4-40 characters in length and should include a combination of letters and numbers (and possibly capital letters) for security
  • Each piece of Active equipment in the system requires a license. Each license costs $14.95 USD per month and will be billed monthly, starting one month after the sign-up date
  • For more information, please go to the Licensing section
Delete Account
  • If you no longer wish to use eTrucks IFTA, you can permanently and irreversibly delete your account
  • Under Account, click the button that is labeled “Delete Account”
  • Read and click the three “I Understand” statements
  • Enter your password to verify your decision

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