Help – Equipment

This screen displays all your pieces of equipment.

New Equipment: Enter a new piece of equipment. Enter in all equipment details and click Save

Change/Delete: Click on a line item to make changes to the equipment record or delete it

Fuel Card: If you’re using a fuel card, it is important that the equipment name you are entering matches the equipment name on the fuel card

Licensing: Each piece of Active equipment in the system requires a license. A minimum of 1 license must be maintained in order to keep your account active (even if there is no Active Equipment)

Deactivate Equipment: To deactivate an equipment license, click on the Equipment that you want to deactivate, click Edit and then click Deactivate

  • You cannot edit or delete any miles or fuel information once you have deactivated a piece of Equipment
  • The information of this Deactivated Equipment will still be included in your quarterly report
  • To stop payment for the deactivated equipment, go to Account and choose Remove Unused Licenses (Learn more at Licensing)

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