Help – Fuel Purchases

Use this screen to enter your fuel purchases.

IFTA does not require you to report your fuel purchases on a daily basis. If you prefer, you can make a single entry once a month for each piece of Equipment. We recommend entering your fuel purchases as often as possible if you are doing them manually.

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Follow these steps to manually enter your records of your fuel purchase transactions.

New Purchase – Choose New Purchase to enter a new record

Equipment – Click the Choose button to assign equipment. If you are having problems choosing equipment, check the Browser Requirements

Date – Enter date fuel was purchased

Supplier – Enter the gas station where the fuel was purchased

City – City where gas station is located

State/Prov – Jurisdiction you’re travelling through

Quantity Fuel Purchased – Enter the quantity of fuel purchased and select your unit of measure (US Gallons or Liters)

Amount – Cost of fuel purchase


Use this option to import electronic records of your fuel purchase transactions.

Import Fuel Purchases – Choose this option to import electronic records

Choose File – Choose the file you want to import. Files must be in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format and cannot be larger than 1MB

File Includes Header – Choose this checkbox if the file you are importing includes a header. This will ensure that the header does not appear as the first line of your import

Load Settings – Choose this button to select a saved setting. The column headers and File Includes Header option you saved will fill in automatically

Column Headers – Match column headers using the pull-down menu to choose the columns you want to import. You must choose Date, Equipment, Supplier, City, State/Prov, Amount, and Quantity Fuel Purchased

Quantity Fuel Purchased – The Unit of Measure will fill in automatically based on whether you chose a State or a Province

Save Settings

  • Choose this button if you will be downloading files with a similar layout in the future.
  • Give your layout a Name and it will be available as an option the next time you choose Load Settings


  • Choose this button once you have selected the information you want to import.
  • If the system detects any invalid data, it will be marked in red so that you can make changes or choose to Skip the line.
  • The system will let you know once the records have been successfully imported.
  • The import will be recorded on the Purchases screen and will be included on the Fuel Tax Report.
  • The Reference field on the Fuel Purchase Entry will list when the purchase was imported and the file name

Delete Import

  • Choose this option if you want to delete the data created by a particular file that was imported.
  • Select the file from the menu that you want to delete, using the name and timestamp to identify it. Then click Delete Imported Record.

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