Help – Fuel Tax History Report

Fuel Tax History Reports can be useful for your internal administrative or accounting purposes.

Here is how to use them:

  • Choose a single equipment, or the entire fleet, to run a Detail or Summary History Report.
  • Choose a single jurisdiction (state/province), or all the jurisdictions, to run a Detail or Summary History Report

Summary Reports can be per Equipment or per Jurisdiction

  • Run your IRP (International Registration Plan) or annual mileage report to renew your plates by using the Summary per Jurisdiction Report.
  • Run your entire fleet IRP Summary per Jurisdiction Report by choosing all Equipment and all Jurisdictions.
  • Choose a specific Equipment to find out the total miles ran by this equipment in all Jurisdictions that it traveled.


  1. Select a date range – monthly, quarterly, annually, or your registration year.
  2. Select the unit of measure you would like the report to show.
  3. Click Customize Columns to reorganize the table of details you would like to examine.
  4. Click Show Results to display your report on the screen.
  5. Click Print Results to print your report, if your computer is connected to a printer.
  6. Click Download to PDF to save an electronic, printable copy of your report in your server or computer.
  7. Click Download CSV to export this information to any other program, such as an accounting program.

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