Help – Fuel Tax Report

This screen displays the fuel tax information for the relevant quarter or month and can be used to complete your IFTA form.

IFTA Rates – You will receive a warning message if IFTA rates are not available for a particular jurisdiction.

Year, Quarter / Month – Use the pull down lists for Year and Quarter or Month to choose the appropriate information.

Show per Equipment / Hide Equipment with no data / Hide Jurisdictions with no data:

  • Choose the information you want to display.
  • If you choose Show per Equipment, the information will be grouped by piece of equipment.

Show Results / Print Results / Download PDF / Download CSV:

  • Choose Show Results to view the information on the screen.
  • You can also print a paper copy of the results, download a PDF, or download the information as a CSV (each item in the file is separated by commas, e.g. Fred’s Fuel Stop,111 Main Street,Dallas,Texas).

Total IFTA Miles – You will receive a warning message if IFTA rates are not available for a particular jurisdiction.

Total Non-IFTA Miles – Non-IFTA Miles are included in the Total Miles. They will, however, have to be filed separately as the rates are not available through IFTA.

Total Miles:

  • Total Miles equals the Total IFTA Miles plus the Total Non-IFTA Miles.
  • The mileage will be reported in miles for US jurisdictions and kilometers for Canadian jurisdictions.

Total Gallons / Litres – Purchases will all be shown in the appropriate unit of measure for your home jurisdiction.

Average Miles/Gallon / Km/Litre – IFTA uses the Total Miles to calculate Average Miles/Gallon or Km/Litre (fuel efficiency).


Customize Columns:


  • Place a checkmark beside the items you want to use as column headings.
  • Click on an item and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to rearrange the order of your columns.
  • Choose Save when you are finished. Choose Cancel to discard your changes.

Jurisdiction – The state/province you travelled in.

Fuel Tax Rate:

  • The system will use the fuel tax rate that was in effect for the Quarter/Month that you have chosen.
  • If there have been changes in the Rate, resulting in several different tax rates during the Quarter/Month, the system will calculate and print totals for each tax rate during the relevant time period

Total Miles – This equals the Total IFTA Miles plus the Total Non-IFTA Miles.

Total Taxable Miles – This equals the Total Miles minus the Non-Tax Miles.

Tax Paid Fuel Purchased – This equals the total of all fuel purchases per Jurisdiction.

Taxable Fuel Consumed – This equals the Total Taxable Miles divided by the Average Miles / Gallon (or Average KMs / Litre for Canada).

Net Taxable Fuel – This equals the Taxable Fuel Consumed less the Tax Paid Fuel Purchased.

Tax Due – This equals the Net Taxable Fuel times the Fuel Tax Rate.

Self Audit


You can audit your own IFTA report by clicking the Self Audit button.

eTrucks IFTA will review three areas for you:

  1. Average Miles / Gallon (MPG) or Kilometers / Litre (KPL)
    • If there are gaps in your odometer readings when using odometer to enter your miles per state
    • Missing mileage / fuel
    • Repeating mileage / fuel
    • If your MPG changes drastically from quarter to quarter by 2 points.
    • MPG / KPL Range
      • Rule of thumb: the range should fall within 4 to 11 MPG for US companies (Brand new trucks from 2018 can range from 8 to 11 MPG). For Canadian companies the range for KPL is 1.7 to 4.4.
  2. Total Miles versus Total Taxable Miles – if they are not the same, then there are exemptions.
  3. If you have purchased fuel and have no mileage in a specific jurisdiction – it could be incorrect because you cannot fill up without driving in that jurisdiction.
    • For US companies, Tax Paid Gallons and Taxables Miles
    • For Canadian companies, Tax Paid Litres and Taxable Kilometres
    • eTrucks labels these titles as Tax Paid Fuel Purchase and Total Taxable Miles

We want to make IFTA reports and other fuel tax reports easy for you. Why not take advantage of our 31-day free trial?