Help – Licensing

Free Trial Period

  • When you sign up for eTrucks IFTA, you get 31 days free to try out the system
  • The Free Trial Period starts after you’ve added your first piece of Equipment
  • At the end of the free trial you will be required to purchase licenses for any active equipment you wish to keep before you can continue using the system


  • Each piece of Active equipment in the system requires a license
  • A minimum of 1 license must be maintained in order to keep the account active (even if there is no Active equipment)
  • Each license costs $14.95 USD per month and will be billed monthly, starting one month after the sign-up date

Purchasing Additional Licenses

  • Additional Licenses can be purchased from the Account screen
  • When you are adding a new piece of equipment and all available licences have been used up, the Purchase Additional Licenses pop-up window will appear on your screen
Decreasing Licenses
  • If you have purchased more licenses than you require, you can remove the unused licenses with the following steps:
    • Visit Equipment, click on the piece of equipment you would like to remove, click Edit, and click Deactivate
    • Choose the Remove Unused Licenses option on the Account screen
  • The new monthly charge will take effect on the next billing date
Updating Payment Information
  • If you wish to change or update the credit card information used to pay the monthly fee, use the Update Payment Info option on the Account screen and enter in the new credit card information
  • Your next scheduled payment will be billed to the new card
Missed Payments
  • If any monthly payments are missed, you will be required to submit payment for the total of the missed payments before using the system
Credit Card Payments Secured by Paypal
  • For your safety and security we work with PayPal(TM) to ensure that your payments are secure and therefore we DO NOT save your credit card information on our system
  • You will need to provide your credit card information to PayPal every time a change to your monthly billing is required

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