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Trucking Compliance Tool, with IFTA Software and ELD Integration

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Enjoy the best protection from potentially crippling fines, penalties, and interest charges

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Easily create and file your necessary reports

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Save dozens of hours, every quarter

ELD, GPS, and Automated Mileage

Through this partnership, we provide HOS compliance
and other telematic advantages that can improve your operations: dash cameras, asset tracking, sensors, and more.

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With this integration you can:

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  • Vehicle tracking
  • True trip time and distance
  • No gaps in data
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  • Monitor driving habits, ignition, engine idling, and speed
  • Customizable alerts for hard braking, sharp cornering, speeding, etc.
  • Get risk and safety reports
  • Provide feedback with safety scorecards
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Add GPS tracking capabilities to your fleet and automate your IFTA mileage tracking with GPS devices from Geotab.

  • Enable highly accurate GPS Tracking
  • Automate your IFTA mileage reports
  • Produce on-demand Driver Vehicle
    Inspection Reports (DVIR)
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The fastest, easiest, and most accurate IFTA Software.

  • Create your necessary compliance reports, easy and error-free (Including IFTA, IRP, NY HUT, KYU, NM & OR Weight Distance, and Canadian Carbon Charge)
  • Reduce paperwork associated with mileage and fuel purchase tracking
  • Save dozens of hours, every quarter
  • Enjoy the best protection from fines, penalties, and interest charges
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Stay compliant and take your fleet technology to the next level with the full ELD functionality from Geotab.

  • Have complete visibility of your workforce, assets, and costs
  • Enable highly accurate GPS Tracking
  • Automate your IFTA mileage reports
  • Manage DVIR and HOS compliance, including pre- and post-trip reports
  • Improve driver safety
  • Optimize your fleet uptime and improve fuel efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

IFTA is the International Fuel Tax Agreement. Through the IFTA, member jurisdictions act cooperatively to administer and collect motor fuel use taxes.

The main reason IFTA was created is to have one fuel use license for interstate carriers, and one base jurisdiction for each holder of a license. IFTA trucking licenses allow individuals or companies to file a single tax report that includes all member IFTA jurisdictions.

Anybody who is based in a member IFTA jurisdiction and operates a qualified motor vehicle in multiple jurisdictions should apply for an IFTA trucking license. A “qualified motor vehicle” means one that is used, designed, or maintained for transport of property or persons, has two axles and a gross vehicle weight exceeding 26,000 lbs. Or, one that has three or more axles irrespective of weight.

Not through eTrucks. You must contact your state or local DMV office where you register your vehicles.

IFTA reporting should only include the fuel that propels your vehicle. This does not include fuel/diesel additives. The eTrucks IFTA Mileage calculator will consider all necessary information for your reports.

The IFTA trucking principles are as follows:

  • The fuel tax you owe is calculated from where the fuel was used
  • Your tax credit is decided based on where the fuel was purchased
  • IFTA will look for the difference between fuel purchased and fuel consumed for all jurisdictions
All miles traveled should be utilized in an IFTA miles calculator.

Refer to our blog to understand what miles are taxable, non-taxable, and non-IFTA for your IFTA reporting.

Yes. In addition to IFTA reporting, the eTrucks IFTA miles calculator can take care of your IRP, KYU, NY Highway Use Tax, New Mexico and Oregon Weight Distance Tax, as well as Canadian Carbon Tax.

Yes – and it’s going to save you a ton of time!

You should be able to download fuel purchases from your fuel card provider’s website (in a standard format, such as “.csv”). Then, you can import that file directly into the eTrucks fuel purchases system.

Run those through the IFTA miles calculator, and you’re done!

Yes, you can import mileage data from your ELD directly into eTrucks, use the IFTA mileage calculator, and “automate your IFTA mileage reports.”

eTrucks can read lists of time/location pings and turn them into full-fledged reports.

By the way, if you aren’t happy with your current ELD for any reason, then check out Geotab. We are an authorized reseller, and we’ve made special integrations with Geotab devices to save you even more time.

Absolutely. With the click of a button, eTrucks will perform all fuel tax calculations and turn them into fully compliant, properly formatted IFTA reports. You can submit the reports directly to IFTA. By the way, it also handles other types of tax like various states’ weight-distance taxes and the NY Highway use Tax.

If you are ever selected for an IFTA audit, it will be a breeze with eTrucks’ clear and verifiable reports.