Did you know that you can reduce your IFTA balance?

Do you always have an outstanding balance at the end of each quarter for IFTA? If so, let’s get you started on how to minimize that fuel tax cost.

Depending on the states and/or provinces you are traveling through, you can drastically reduce your fuel tax cost. How can you do that, you ask?  Here is how you can start reducing your balance with eTruxFuel:

  • Know the fuel tax rates from each of the jurisdictions that you drive to or deliver loads
  • Take into account how gas prices vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction
  • Record actual miles based on your odometer
  • Separate your non-tax miles from your total miles

Knowing and doing all of the above will reduce your balance due, and could even turn it into a refund. eTruxFuel has been built to do this for you, and it does it in a flash. It will not only save money but also your time spent on IFTA.

We want to make IFTA reports and other fuel tax reports easy for you. Why not take advantage of our 31-day free trial?