PC*Miler: Our new solution for missing IFTA mileage

We have heard from most trucking companies that missing mileages are a big headache. In previous years, many transportation companies relied on the drivers to write down the odometer readings and the miles-per-state for each trip. Now with devices like AOBRDs (Automatic On-Board Recording Devices) or ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices), whether these systems are connected to a GPS or a cellular tower network, you no longer rely on your drivers.

But did you know your mileage data can still be missing? How can this happen?

If your GPS or cellular network is not connected to your device or is simply unavailable in certain parts of the country, you will still end up with missing miles or have gaps in your miles-per-state data.

Another issue could arise if your ELD or AOBRD runs into technical malfunctions or if it stops working all together. You would then have to rely on your drivers to write manual logs. There could be human error, missed miles-per-state, and it may leave you, at the end of the quarter, scrambling to find a solution.

Data gaps can also happen if you are not recording the correct mileages. If you are like us, you are tired of the misleading promotions about “IFTA reporting” that may come with ELDs. If you don’t know, the standards for capturing miles that are required for HOS and IFTA reporting are differing. We explained this compliance difference in our blog post here, Are you really compliant now that ELDs are almost here?

At eTruxFuel, we know the above issues can be major headaches for you and that’s why we listened, and created our PC*Miler tool. No more worrying and spending long hours to figure out your missing miles-per-state information. Our PC Miler tool will give you exactly what you need to feel confident in your miles-per-state data.

Here is how it works:

  • Pick your truck or unit that has missing miles
  • Enter the date of your trip
  • Use your odometer readings if you have them
  • Pick the city and state/province of the start point of your trip or pick the zip/postal code
  • Pick the city and state/province of the end point of your trip or pick the zip/postal code
  • If you had other drops or picks within your start and end points or you want to include more points in between for a more accurate mileage, simply add more cities and states/provinces or zip/postal codes
  • Click a button and get your missing miles-per-state or kilometers-per-province

It is that simple!

With our new integration with PCMiler say goodbye to any missing mileage. So make your IFTA reporting a very easy task with eTruxFuel.

We want to make IFTA reports and other fuel tax reports easy for you. Why not take advantage of our 31-day free trial?