Satellite-Based Telematic GPS Tracking Solutions

Telematics monitor, send, and store the information of an asset (i.e. vehicle, trailer, tractor, generator, etc.) over a network. This way people who are responsible for the operators of these assets can make better decisions based on real data and information.

We’ve hand-selected best satellite-based telematic GPS tracking solutions for fleet operation managers. You’ll not only understand how your assets are performing, but actually get the most from each asset, while decreasing downtime and reducing risks that can hurt operations.

Satellite over a truck with a location marker

Satellite GPS is one of the most essential telematics solutions when your vehicles are constantly in areas with little to no cell coverage.

Vehicles outside of cellular network range are no problem for the IOX-SATIRDv2. When you connect your Geotab GO9 devices to the IRIDIUM satellite network, you’ll stay connected no matter where and no matter what. It ensures that no data is lost, and users can continually track their equipment, even with dropped cell connection.

The IOX-SATIRDv2 telematics system includes an emergency button that can send alert messages through the satellite network to MyGeotab, notifying personnel of any issues on the road, and potentially requesting back-up or safety officials. Secure your driver’s safety with the IOX-SATIRDv2 from Geotab Extendable Services.