Sorting and Searching your Mileage and Fuel Data in eTrucks

The more states you travel, the more fuel tax data you will have to manage and store. Whether you are still using paper records or collecting your miles per state with electronic systems, having an easy way to review and verify your data is an important part of keeping it correct. You need the right tool for the job.

In eTrucks, your information is automatically organized, sorted, and searchable. You can view data based on dates, vehicle or equipment number, state/province, mileage, odometer reading, or quantity of fuel purchased. You can easily find any detail that you (or an auditor) may need.

Here is how the Search Feature works in eTrucks:

  1. Equipment, Mileage, and Purchases screens all have Search capability. On each of these screens, your data is organized into a table.
  2. If you click inside the search bar above the table, you can choose various filters. Clicking a filter will add it to the search bar, properly formatted.
    • Example: “State/Prov: KY”
    • **Note: The search bar is not case-sensitive.**
  3. When searching for quantities or dollar amounts, simply type the number alone.
    • Example: Type “85 instead of “85 US gallons”, or type “200” instead of “$200.00”
  4. You can use a comma (,) to search for multiple things at once.
    • Example: “State/Prov: KY, Amount 225” will show you which trucks purchased $225.00 worth of fuel in KY.
  5. “Search by Quarter” commands are available.
    • Example: Type “2018q4” to view data for quarter 4 of 2018. Type “2019q1” to search for quarter 1 of 2019.

More tips on Sorting your data in eTrucks:

  1. Table headers are clickable. To rearrange the table, click the desired header.
  2. Click the same header more than once to switch between ascending order (a to z, small to large) or descending order (z to a, large to small).
  3. To change the order of the columns, click “Customize Columns”
    • A window will appear, listing your headers
    • To change the order, click a header and move it using the arrow buttons
    • If you don’t want a column to appear in the table, uncheck the box next to it.
  4. We recommend including the “Reference” header in your table when using the import feature for your mileages and fuel purchases.

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