Why pay for an IFTA program that doesn’t pay for itself?

Have you ever noticed that you pay more for some products… And in fact, you’re happy to do it? Why do some tires cost $345 while others $80? How does a pair of work boots cost $400, when you can pick a pair up at Walmart for $100?

If you’re going to spend money, it has to cater to your needs. Here is what you get with us.

  • Keep your fuel tax data organized and store records of it for six years
  • Submit on time and pay no late charges and interests
  • Keep watch for a consistent MPG to avoid audits
  • Get rid of IFTA penalties even when you get audited
  • Spend next to no time on fuel tax data administration and calculations
  • Manage your fuel IFTA cost per state
  • Do it on the go or at your office
  • Talk to people who want to help you

Don’t just pay for the information that you provide to IFTA, pay for the outcomes – save time, money and reduce your fuel tax penalty risks. Stop running your business by the seat of your pants. Make the right choice to understand your IFTA report. Choose eTruxFuel.

We want to make IFTA reports and other fuel tax reports easy for you. Why not take advantage of our 31-day free trial?